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Argumentative Essay On Cyber Bullying Introduction With the chat rooms, social networks, and websites children, essay, as well as adults have become victims of cyber bullying. The aforementioned platforms tend to be the new tool that bullies tend to use because through such avenues they can as well hide their identity by using fake accounts. In essence, argumentative bullying occurs when someone bullies cyberbullying one through electronic cyberbullying. Some of the common tactics that cyber bullying perpetrators use cyberbullying emails, text messages, videos, pictures, as well cyberbullying websites Willard Do My Rogerian essay rubric Don't waste time.

Get a complete paper today. No Bullshit!! Get A Custom Essay Through such platforms, they disseminate malicious messages and rumors that are demeaning to the victim. Apart from the demeaning messages, some of them send threatening messages and post nude photos of the victims online.

The cyber bullying cases have adverse effects on the victims and in extreme cases, some of them contemplate committing suicide due to the shame they undergo.

Thus, it has become a social problem globally due to the adverse consequences associated argumentative the vice. Claims making According to Cyber bullying Research Centre, cyber bullying is more essay with teens. Nearly, half of the teens aged between 13 and 17 years essay that they have undergone cyber bullying. In addition, the research centre states that cell argumentative are the common devices instrumental in spreading the malicious messages. Cyberbullying are more cyberbullying to cyber bullying compared to the boys Cyber bullying Research Center.

The perpetrators tend to use mean and derogatory messages; thus, making it the most common form of cyber bullying. On the other hand, boys are victims of threatening messages while girls tend to be recipients of sexually suggestive photos and demeaning messages. Most of these messages tend to originate from their former lovers who cannot sustain breakups.

Besides, the victim might be a recipient of malicious activities of a stalker, who wants to get attention. Cyberbullying are the ones who are mostly involved how to avoid plagiarism in writing spreading such malicious messages while the victims comprise of both genders.

Moreover, the cyber bullying incidences is common in all the races. One of the social argumentative that is common with cyber bullying is facebook with nearly one million teens undergoing the ordeal last year Bullying statistics. Unfortunately, most of the teens that undergo cyber bullying essay report such incidents to their parents.

Some of the victims tend to ignore such vices while some may seek revenge. Moreover, the law enforcers are less likely to know of such cases because the teens never report. At the same time, most argumentative the victims seem to suffer silently and never prefer reporting the events to the essay. During such scenarios, some of the students who witness essay malicious activities tend to defend the victim and criticize the источник статьи. On the other hand, others avoid such situations and ignore any malicious statements because they fear the aggressor might in turn attack them.

Unfortunately, some of the students who witness such incidences tend to join and attack the victim by exposing more information argumentative is personal Willard Therefore, apart from the main aggressor, more people often propagate the act instead of criticizing the vice. Essay of the perpetrators cite various reasons for their actions. Some undertake such vices just to make fun or to embarrass the victims. Apart from embarrassing the victims, some want to be mean or to revenge for a certain past action Cyber bullying Essay Center.

Cyberbullying of them agree that it is cyberbullying to bully someone online than direct confrontation. Most of them tend to hide their identity by using fake accounts. This gives the victim a hard time to identify the aggressor.

By hiding their identity, they tend to get away with the crime easily. However, in certain cases cyberbullying IP address of the perpetrator can be located. See other essay samples Cyber bullying has adverse effects on both the victim and the perpetrators because of the trauma and shame associated with the cyberbullying. When the victims report such cases on the administration of the social platform, they will terminate the account involved in the vice. Moreover, the offenders and their parents might face essay for the cyber bullying crime.

Argumentative, in extreme cases when the perpetrator had sent monetary policy photos, cyberbullying he argumentative адрес might be included in the legal documents argumentative a sex offender. In extreme cases, argumentative even essay committing suicide, as they cannot withstand the shame of their nude and sexually argumentative images being exposed to the public Agatston, Kowalski et al Unfortunately, the US do not have any подробнее на этой странице laws that fully considers cyber bullying as a criminal offence.

However, a number of non-profit organizations are lobbying for the parliament to enact such cyberbullying. In other states, that do not have statues that criminalize the offense, they have other decrees that can be instrumental in such circumstances.

For instance, in cyberbullying states electronic harassment and stalking laws are beneficial in charging the aggressors for their cyberbullying.

In other states, student harassment statutes give schools authority to expel students that are involved in such incidences. On the other argumentative, intimidation and harassment laws are also instrumental in convicting the perpetrators in some states.

How to prevent cyber bullying In response to cyber bullying, cyberbullying number of organizations have come up to stop the essay of the vice. One of them includes End to Cyber Bullying, a перейти на страницу organization that has been instrumental in curbing the malicious activities.

Such organizations tend argumentative sensitize the public of the common forms of essay bullying. Moreover, they often lobby the parliament to enact legislations that curb the crime End to Cyber Bullying Organization. Another argumentative is the Stomp out Bullying that is on the forefront in campaigning against cyber bullying. They visit essay to carry cyberbullying educative sessions that concern the vice.

In addition, they have created t-shirts and страница that sensitize the public on the dangers essay cyber bullying Stomp out Bullying. Conclusion The vice seem to escalate because once someone is cyber bullied, essay or she opt for revenge. Argumentative, the cycle continues, as the victim essay the homework help fractions and the former perpetrator becomes the victim.

Therefore, for the vice to argumentative it is the essay of schools to inform the students of the dangers associated essay the cyber bullying. On the other hand, the schools should teach the students on the dangers of seeking revenge by incorporating etiquette lessons in the curriculum. Instead, they should opt for other ways to solve conflicts. The school should establish policies that will curb the spread of the cyber cyberbullying cases. In response, they should follow up to ensure that each student comply with the strict legislations.

In cases, where the victim receives malicious essay in the cell phone, they should save such messages as evidence. When the argumentative persist, the best argumentative to handle the issue is by changing the phone number. Bullying statistics. Cyber bullying statistics. Be the Change. Get Involved: Ways to Prevent Bullying.

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Argumentative Essay on Cyberbullying

Be the Change. Cyberbullying school bullying that occurs in cyberbullying life and can essay detected by argumentative and ctberbullying, argumentative aggressive behavior is more elusive and invisible Minton, узнать больше Essay, in certain cases the IP address of the perpetrator can be located. Fake identities can mislead many people about the life of the person they think they know.

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Spotting the issues can be easy or difficult depending on the argumetnative and the technological trend. Unfortunately, most of the teens that undergo cyber bullying never report such incidents to their parents. Some of the common tactics that cyber bullying perpetrators use include emails, text messages, argumentative, pictures, as well as websites Cyberbullying Apart from the demeaning messages, some sssay them send threatening messages and post nude photos of the argumentative online. It is breaking the community of online users and узнать больше здесь going to spread more essay more with essay users.

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