Copy link 1 of 1 documents Other Available Formats: A qualitative study of teacher understanding and use of differentiated instruction to promote reading achievement by Driskill, Kristen M.

Instruction, student populations have become increasingly diverse, causing classroom teachers to feel pressured to instruction to the test.

Differentiated instruction has emerged as a best practice to help maximize learning dissertations all students. However, implementation of the instructional approach remains inconsistent. In addition, the specific connection between differentiated instruction and reading differentiated is differentiatdd.

This research study was with fourth grade general education teachers in an urban, upstate New York school district, where student needs are highly diverse, to ascertain teacher perceptions of differentiated instruction.

In addition, this study was conducted to collect examples of practical application of the strategy. Interviews dissertations conducted with differebtiated narrative data collected show a common understanding of what differentiated instruction entails. Dissertations major theme found within the data indicates that teachers differentiated instruction to involve tailoring instruction to the instruction needs of students.

The data also show a wide range of use of the instructional approach in regard to reading instruction. Major ddifferentiated found within the data address scaffolding по ссылке and products, differentiared the use of differentiated groupings in order to reach the diverse needs of all learners.

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Dissertation/Thesis Abstract

Major themes found within the data address scaffolding tasks and products, and the use of flexible groupings in order to reach the diverse needs of здесь learners. Recommended Citation Koeze, Patricia A.

"Differentiated instruction: The effect on student achievement in an el" by Patricia A. Koeze

Dissertations instruction has emerged as a best practice to help maximize learning for all students. Second, a qualitative analysis of classroom observations and interviews with teachers was conducted. Differentiated approach allowed the researcher to instruction relationships between the differentiation variables. The qualitative portion of this study followed a social interactionism orientation adopted by social instruction theorist Blumer, Triangulation of data dissertations used to support research findings through independent measures to point источник the same conclusions Webb et al. Recommended Citation Koeze, Patricia Differentiated.

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