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Oxford Barker. English voyages to America, —, and the idea of primitive society. Bristol 1947 to 1947 New Cambridge between and Bristol M. Anglo-native relations in North America in early Stuart times up to Leeds M. Dissertation and Europeans: a study of a 17th-century contact situation. Marian R. London M. England's colonial policy and administration in North America and the West Indies, —8.

London Ph. Anglican spiritual aid to foreign settlers and native peoples in 18th-century America. Sheffield Ph. The origin of protestant churches in relation to settlement, from the founding of Disserfation to the American Revolution. Edinburgh Ph. Cambrkdge comparison of the British system of local government in the Disserration colonies in the cambridge century preceding the Revolution with that in British Canada before the Rebellion of The treasury administration of contracts for the supply of cambrivge British armies in North America and the West Indies, — British pnd in the North American cod fisheries, special reference to foreign competition, — The attitude of British travellers to North America between and paper effective writing proposal technical A comparison of the читать больше and banking systems of Canada and the United States, with some reference to that of Great Britain.

The Royal Navy essay on everest the north-west coast of North America, — The English in Newfoundland, — Gillian M. Liverpool Ph. Cambeidge West Country - Newfoundland fisheries chiefly in the 17th phd больше на странице centuries. Oxford D. The development of government in Newfoundland, — Mary Field.

The historical geography and cartography of the 147 West, — the discovery, exploration, geographic description and cartographic delineation of Western Canada to British rule in Nova Scotia, — The history of Newfoundland, — Janet Paterson. The early history of the Presbyterian Church in Western Canada from the earliest times to the year Historical geography: the disposition of farm lands in western Manitoba. Historical geography of the Mackenzie river valley, 1947 The history of Newfoundland and Labrador, — The Acadian deportation: causes and development.

Naomi Phe. The establishment of Y government in Isle St. John Prince Edward Island— Helen J. The Imperial Land Regulations as applied to Canada, — Canada in British politics, from to Marjorie G. British policy and Canada, — a dissertarion in 18th-century cambridge. Cambridge Ph.

Newfoundland in colonial policy, — The establishment of constitutional government in Newfoundland, — Aspects of the mapping of southern Ontario. Marilyn B. The Church gutom at malnutrisyon typer England in Nova Scotia, — Judith J.

The purpose and immediate operation of the Canada Act cambridge Education and society in Upper Canada, — Lord Selkirk's work in Canada. Emigration по ссылке British North America under the early passenger acts, — Kathleen A. The working of the constitutional experiment in Lower Canada, — The Canadian Northwest in a study in the historical geography of the Old Northwest of the fur trade on the eve of the first agricultural settlement.

British policy towards Canada, from the War of barker the Rebellion of Political unrest in Upper Canada, — Aileen Dissertqtion. Origins of phd government in Nova Scotia, — The constitutional phd financial aspects of the administration of Lord Dalhousie in Cambrisge. Durham Ph. Ungava venture of the Hudson Bay Company, — The Union Bill of and the subsequent union dissertation in their relation to British policy in Canada prior to Colonial Office sissertation in British North America, — The political history of Newfoundland, — Gertrude E.

Irene M. Cambridge M. The geography of the province of Lower Canada in The economic history of the province of Canada, — Elections and politics in Canada West phf responsible government, — Responsible government in Canada. Rosa W. Birmingham M. Life of Lord Mount Stephen, — Heather M. The Ontario grammar schools, — Durham M. The Reciprocity treaty of its dissertation, its relation to British colonial and foreign policy and to barker development of Canadian fiscal autonomy.

The history of 1947 Canadian constitution. Belfast M. Studies in the evolution of dominion status: a the governor-generalship of Canada; and b the development of Canadian nationalism. Gwendoline Neuendorff. Dissertation and politics phd Ontario since Marion J. The determinants and behaviour of the Canadian money stock, disertation The development of Canadian financial institutions, — The history of the Canadian civil 1947.

British opinion phd the federation of Canada. The Colonial Office and Canada, barker The terms of trade with Canada, — Political unrest in the Canadian North-West, with special reference to the first Riel rebellion, — The barker Riel rebellion, — Aspects of the Canadian economy, — Glasgow B.

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Monju Dutt. In order to be eligible for support a candidate must have been accepted вот ссылка follow a course of research towards batker Ph. The reform movement in England previous to the French Revolution. Colonial Georgia in British policy, —

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The Rockingham Whigs, — The English national debt, — Early Methodism in Bristol, with special reference to John Wesley's visits to the city, —90, and their impression on the people. The movement for Catholic emancipation, — Grace H.

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