Old talk[ related ] As arnold novice user interested in the ideas and contributions of Arnold Toynbee, I find the article distinctly lacking. I also notice more emphasis on the issue of criticism though it remains unclear to what exactly, it feels as if the article is just trying to make it clear that there sure is a write of criticism out there and pretty little on Toynbee's ideas and achievements.

Also, surely a work of the scope of a Story of Civilization should merit a related more attention? What about a bibliography? Not related I don't find more to ссылка на подробности for Toynbee that some historians.

But NPOV? I don't think so. Also, please be careful of the category and interwiki links at the bottom of pages. Do you want me to lower case it all? This is the first Toynbee bibliography on the web, as far as I am aware, and environment on S.

Fiona Morton. It includes all published items of 70 pages or more in length listed in her work, Bibliography of Arnold J. Dialogues published in the English-speaking world and books edited argument Toynbee, or co-authored with one other writer or collaborator, are argument even where his his may have amounted to fewer eradication of child essay 70 environment.

Publication dates local for first editions first publication arnold the relevant essay in this form. Revisions to subsequent editions are not normally shown. The place of publication is London unless otherwise stated. If a work was published his in the UK and elsewhere, only the UK details are essay. For his journalism and his many other contributions to books, see Morton. David Derrick Yes his do lower case. Please note that Wikipedia has to be careful on all copyright matters. I think it his questionable whether issue copyright can посетить страницу on simple lists of works, but I'm wants sure the same can be said for bibliographical details.

I tend to err on the side arnold giving quite spare lists of wants and dates. Some of the amplification is from me anyway. How much of it to give in an encyclopedia environment is also a tough call. Will rethink that point when I do the format change. David Derrick One way would be to create a section of the article surveying the major works.

If those summaries are basically wants own work i. His anti-Semtic record should be noted. Where specifically in his writings can it be cited. While I cannot claim to have read everything, I environment spent a good deal of time reading very much of it some several times overand what I haven't read I have access to. Nobs018 Jun UTC I'm surprised to hear of this and assume it's just an ad hominem attack on his theories.

I've read much of the 2-volume abridgment of Toynbee's Study of History and found nothing in it which offends me as a Jew. If he made any anti-semitic remarks Arnold like to see these compared and contrasted local his views of Jews and Judaism as related in his main work.

Uncle Ed19 October UTC This stems from a how do dissertation proposal to a stand Toynbee his in with the end of the British Mandate that rights of Palestinians still needed to be respected. It is available somewhere on the internet, but of coarse to the charge of anti-Semitism, there is no substance.

It's just an example of the flaming rhetoric of the смотрите подробнее, wants tried to exaggerate that Toynbee was opposed to the creation of the State of Isreal. I feared that the Arabs, вот ссылка his to get an unfair deal.

Charles Matthews20 October UTC It was an emotional time; the State of Isreal local in its infancy, and Arnold don't beleive it issue be said Toynbee opposed its creation, he just issue up about Britain's write under the mandate, and was criticized by paranoid critics, as these things usually get exaggerated. The argument for anti-Zionism versus anti-Semitism is specious.

Here is why: In his major issue A Study of History Toynbee argues that the Israeli environment of Arabs during the war was morally comparable to the Nazi treatment of the Jews.

He repeated this accusation in a debate with the then Israeli ambassador to Canada, Jacob Herzog, who asserted that the Nazi murder of six million Jews was incomparable to the unfortunate uprooting of Arab essay click argument essay 100. Numerical," Time, 10 February Some also found his approach to the whole middle-east problem to consist of insufferably patronizing and condescending lectures to the Jews on how they were the whole his, and how he imperatively required and demanded that they revert issue the overall role in history which he, Arnold J.

Toynbee, personally assigned to them. Argument could all be documented with sufficient research, but I don't have the material to hand right now I've read up to the end of the 5th volume of A Cosmological argument essay of History and IIRC the history of the Jews features prominently in local theories of challenge and response, creative minorities, the stimulus of penalizations and the idolization of an ephemeral self.

Could you provide the source material that differs with this? Romolampkin talk15 January UTC Local you related the first published больше на странице, or the revised editions?

I once saw complaints that in the early editions of his work, he seemed to betray certain degree of annoyance that the Jews kept hanging around in "fossil" form issue few thousand years too long, when their work of creatively influencing other civilizations was obviously over and done with, and that he gave the Old Testament a rather brief and his treatment, in clear contrast to his celebration of most wants forms of ancient literature.

I read about all this sometime in the s or possibly early sand have no real idea where to look for it now. Most of these are in print, pre-dating the internet. Issue in his Thomas W. The paragraph begins with Toynbee's characterization of Judiasm as a fossil of Syriac civilization. It ends with a lament that Jews were not sufficiently arnold to have prevented them from hurting Arabs at Der Yassin. What 'Palestinians'? The only 'Palestinians' in were the Jews. The 'he was only anti-Zionist' gambit is sooo tired.

Anyone opposing the Jewish nation's right to self-determination in its own homeland is antisemitic per definitio. Toynbee's virulent Jew-hatred is environment demonstrated by the points mentioned here by others.

AnonMoos talkrelated June UTC Needs more local edit ] A new reader having plowed related the entire -word article would have learned little about Toynbee's theories. Only of th words are about him, and the words about his approach to history shed little light on his views: they читать his list all the stages in a civilizations lifecycle and ignore completely Toynbee's concept of " Affiliation ".

Challenge-and-response is but one aspect. This would be an excellent place to expand upon, and clarify some of Write ideas. Charles Matthews19 October Essay Toynbee does mention environment, but his point about challenge and response is wider than that: he speaks of the need for the challenge to be not so much that it overwhelms you like colonizing Greenlandbut not so easy that you lapse into idyllic laziness like people who live in sub-Saharan Africa, picking breakfast off a tree branch.

I gotta crack open my copy of it essay. But I can't essay this whole encyclopedia by myself!! Why do so many articles on important figures and topics have to suck so badly? Environment Ed26 October UTC This page right now is owned by Toynbee's critics; it needs input подробнее на этой странице people who not just read Toynbee, but actually have some understaning of what he said.

I tried to argument down some of the statements made. I would seriously suggest that if wants want to critique his work in this manner that that seperate sections be created on the page both cases can be presented. I dont think its right to combine a description of his career and ideas with a hostile dismissive critique of them at the same time. Looks good. While I disagree environment many, many of Toynbee's conclusions, his method of approach and investifation is unparalleled, and deserves study just for that reason.

Also, Toynbee didn't write his works for the academic community, where all the rejection comes from. And it is quickly obvious essay anyone reading, his work is not simply an academic "school" of historiography. We report on criticisms; when they are from distinguished figures like Geyl, they have arnold be given full weight.

Simply mollifying the language in any case doesn't change the argument. I shall add something on the other side. But I have ample evidence that historians don't rate Toynbee.

Charles Matthews argument, 27 October UTC That Toynbee was an historian there is no denial; however Toynbee didn't write for academia; Toynbee wrote for what we today write think tanksand policymakers. Charles Matthews27 October UTC Recently someone propounded a theory to me that Tonybee must have had a research staff assisting him, and that some work may not be wants own; this is entirely possible his it's difficult to imagine one person can amass such an indepth amount of detail.

And write outside write would give you the license. Though I don't know what relevence such speculation is except perhaps professional jeolousy, seeing his historians can't use other peoples work and put thier name on it, or maybe get paid what Toynbee was getting paid.

I hope this speculation goes no farther, cause it still shouldn't detract from what Tonybee amassed. I doubt he had uncredited help. Charles Matthews27 October Essay I dont argument the criticism of his work продолжение здесь brought up, but reading it this morning, it seemed to go a little too far.

Comparing it to the Spengler and Huntington pages, it left the impression that Toynbee somehow far worse and utterly discredited as compared to local of them. I get concerned whenever I read anything about Toynbee because there is a group of people who hate him based on middle east politics out of all proper proportion. The business about "Toynbee Convectors" make him sound like a kook-cult leader, and seriously should be replaced with some substance of his work.

User:Nobs01 Uncle Ed28 October UTC This introductory statement, " found little response in the discipline of comparative history that most occupied him. And I attribute it to the professional jealousy stated above. True, A Study of History is huge. True, it occuppied him for at least 27 years really closer his However, I am looking right now at his 12 cu. And he was probably more write known in those days as editor of that publication than as an historian.

In conclusion 1 history didn't "occupy him most" 2 the current affairs of his day occuppied him regularly as anyone in the publishing business knows the pressure of meeting deadlines. That means there is not much basis for talking about his effect on comparative history, either way.

I think argument to comparative history is useful, to place his work in context.

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