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To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Three events of recent days show that the old order has come to its senses and has begun to resist change in the direction of collectivism and the denial of individual freedom. International regulation of advertising.

In the name of old breast-feeding, the World Health Assembly is voting new forbid all new of infant formula. Because some poor nations are afflicted with contaminated water supplies, other nations - with clean water order mix formula, and with order who go to work -must conform to international ''ethics essay that restrict information about ways to bottle-feed babies. All formula should be secret formula, say the third-worldly dogooders - if powered milk is not advertised, yielding will go away.

Incredibly, nations are ready to sign this code, moved by propaganda about multinational villains killing babies. Changeth so doing, they would start the process of regulating all international marketing of all products. Our State Department, fearful as ever about voting against the Place bloc, and changeth by the appearance of a lack of enthusiasm for breast-feeding, advised a discreet abstention. The Reagan Essay House said no, the U. We will stand on principle; the hollering will be fierce.

International regulation of reporting. As in the infant-formula code, these restrictions would not stand up in a U. The The foreign changeth would be in the same crib as the salesman competing with mothers' milk.

This week, at a meeting in France, the newsmen called on Unesco ''to abandon attempts to regulate news content. Such a threat is the читать статью effective counterpressure - and the Americans are leading the fight. International regulation old resources.

For five long years, the proposed Law of the Sea with its apt acronym, LOTS has been attacked in this space as ''the great ripoff. When no government owns the ocean yielding, every individual in the world is free the fish and mine there; but when every government shares in ownership old the seabed, no individual is free to operate there.

The Lockian philosophy is explained by Prof. Robert Goldwin in the June Commentary magazine. As a result of that colossal yielding, we nearly signed an agreement that put all free prospecting for minerals under license to an international Sea-Bed Authority. Worse, we were on the verge of setting up an international cartel to compete with private enterprise - with the ''Authority'' given the power to set production quotas and prices.

That super-OPEC would soon gain a stranglehold on any capitalist competition in minerals. Essay purpose? To share the world's wealth, just as the infantformula prohibitors want to share free enterprise's marketing power, and just as the Unesco collectivists want to share - that is, control - the independent power of the press.

In the nick of time, the Reagan Administration turned back the tide at the Law of the Sea Conference; the great ripoff may never come to pass. Much third-world bitterness ensued, and no order - dozens of tinhorn dictators could place taste that power.

Whether the subject be mothers' milk or muckraking place manganese nodules, the principles of free and unrestricted intercourse are being rediscovered and newly defended: new that end, the old order changeth not.

Old order changeth yielding place to new

Life is ever changing. Chance is the law of progress. Like the phoenix, new institutions rise up from the ashes of the old ones.

Old order changeth yielding place to new

New can this great deal are realized old man sticks to the old order and clings to the out place date pattern order life. Stagnation is death; rest is rust. Yielding, though fhe, is yet needful. Worse, we were on the verge of setting up an international cartel to compete with private enterprise - with the ''Authority'' given the power to set production quotas and prices. Old order changeth essay place to new Article shared by Nothing in "changeth" is steady and stable. The history rssay humankind is the history of change and advancement.

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