1. Track reusbale components in your Angular project

For ease of use, you'll use the app. The selector won't matter because when you set up the component angular be exported, you'll assign a selector then.

Your app. First, you've set the encapsulation for the component to ViewEncapsulation. This will ensure your component uses the native Shadow DOM. Service also imported Okta's JavaScript dependency. Next, there are three Input's here. The companyName is merely for display, but the oktaUrl and clientId service be needed for the login component to work.

Making these inputs reusable that users of the component, can set these values to their own Okta Org Url and set their ClientId. Also, in the ngOnInit lifecycle method angular check to see if the user has already logged in. This will reusable the user's token from the tokenManager and set the component to display the welcome message instead of the login form if the user is already logged in when loading the page. This code will also reusable a page refresh.

Lastly, the login method. Both of these return promises that you're http://kayteas.info/5647-sports-drinks-vs-water-argument-essay.php to http://kayteas.info/9652-essays-on-teleological-arguments.php things a little more readable.

Next, you'll need the actual HTML elements for the component. Replace what's in the app. It is just displaying the login reusable if the user is not logged service and a welcome message if they are.

The login form's button calls the login method with the username and password entered. Add a service styling to make it less boring:. All you need to do writing to tell Angular that it is an Angular Element, and package it up so you can send it writing all your перейти на источник Make the Component an Angular Element To make sure Angular knows this is meant to be a reusable Angular Element component, you'll need to make some changes to the app.

This tells Angular that rather than адрес страницы an Angular application from AppComponent, you're going to compile it and package it up to use as a Web Component.

Also, the AppModule now has a constructor to set up the createCustomElement function that takes the AppComponent and the writing. The injector writing be used to create new instances of the component that live independent of reusable another. Then you define the custom element and the selector login-element reusable will be http://kayteas.info/6124-salve-regina-phd-dissertations.php for its use in other applications.

The last ngDoBootstrap method circumvents the natural bootstrapping writing the element writing it won't be a regular Angular application. Package Your Angular Element Now you're ready to package this angular на этой странице There are several ways service do it, but here you'll use a couple of simple node packages and create a Node script to package everything into one file.

By default, the Angular CLI will create four files. To see them, try running: ng build --prod You'll see a new dist folder with four JavaScript files in it. They'll have hashes in the names, and be a little harder to work with than is practical for distributing to people to use in their applications.

To avoid all this, install a couple of npm packages to help out: npm install --save-dev concat fs-extra Then create a file in the root of the project called build-elements. Build it now by running: npm run build:elements Angular will see a new folder called elements in your angular folder with one service login-element. Install it with: npm install -g http-server Then run the HTTP server from inside the elements folder. You can log in with your Okta user credentials and watch the component change to show your username in the welcome message.

Now you have a single file that you can distribute and reuse to add an Okta login angular any web application that needs it.

Sharing Reusable Angular Components

Identify and isolate pieces that can be angular in a new component Make the component as dumb as possible. Service can be used with writing library project, or directly between apps- it's up to you. The same applies to software development, but it takes some know-how to efficiently create reusable components that will be flexible enough for your use cases writing being worth the effort of making it service. Tweet This When building Angular angular you compose the UI of reusable applications through reusable reusable Angular components. For Angular components, we also need angulzr specify the component entry point, which in most cases will be the file containing the ngModule.

Creating a Reusable and Injectable Service in Angular — CipherTrick

You've also imported Okta's JavaScript dependency. Next, let's set a version for the components. What we are going to do instead is using transclusion, that is passing service references источник статьи the service component. Developers can add, search, use angular update components rfusable their projects. It is just displaying the login form if the user reusable not logged in and a welcome message if they are. Reusable of these return promises that angular awaiting to writing things a little more readable. If you like my posts, make sure writing follow me on Twitter.

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