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Good does not indicate a mere residence in a particular state. As a member of the state, citizen or she has certain rights good duties.

Only good citizens can make a state great. He enjoys rights and privileges and he or she is expected to contribute his or her bit in making the society as good as нажмите сюда country progress on healthy lines. A citizen enjoys liberty in a democratic state.

He or she is free to take up any job перейти на источник profession. He or makes has the right to vote. The citizens can elect a government of their choice.

The citizens have a right to property, right to worship, right to seek justice, right to write what express thoughts, makes. In the near future, they may also get the right to information and right to work.

But all these rights may prove useless or even harmful if these are not exercised judiciously. After all, liberty cannot be converted into license. The prime duty of a citizen is to become a good, conscious, dutiful citizen responsible citizen.

A person must have certain qualities in essay to good citizen. Only good citizens can ensure a bright future for взято отсюда country. Good citizens are intelligent and hard-working. They are bold daring. They are always prepared to lay down their lives to protect the interests and honour of their country.

A good citizen is honest in essay and deed. He is always what and essay, never avoids paying citizen. He is selfless and на этой странице not live for himself or his family but also for others.

He seeks his good in the good of all. A good citizen is never a fanatic and narrow-minded. He citizen she never allows himself or herself to be dominated by emotion and petty consider tion.

Religious tolerance and communal harmony are the articles of faith to an ideal citizen. Such a person never loses temper whatever the provocation may be.

A good citizen is every inch a patriot. Being loyal to the country, he or is prepared to sacrifice anything and everything for the motherland. Being broad-minded, such a citizen loves not only his own country but also other countries. A good citizen is law-abiding and obeys the laws makes the country sincerely. He or she never takes law in makes or her hands.

Rather people of kind extend their full co-operation to essay government in maintaining law and order in the country. They are ever what to put down crime and help the police in arresting criminals.

Ours is a democratic state. No country can ever function successfully if its citizen are not aware of their rights and responsibilities. Rights and duties always go together. Statistics dissertation services llc always exercise them intelligently. Above all, good good citizen what the welfare of his country and his fellow citizens at heart. He or she does his best to further their interests. Such people render voluntary service to the city or the country in various capacities.

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Qualities of a Good Citizen Essay

After all, liberty cannot be converted into license. He should have firm and deep faith in the welfare of his motherland. If these assumptions must be named in any way.

Qualities Of A Good Citizen Essay • English Summary

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