by Toni Morrison

Henry, and Pecola Breedlove, a temporary foster child whose house was burned down by her unstable, alcoholic, and sexually abusive father. Pecola is a quiet, passive young girl who grows up with little money and whose parents are constantly fighting, both verbally and physically. Pecola is continually reminded of what an "ugly" girl she is by members of her neighborhood and school community.

Bluest an attempt to beautify herself, Pecola wishes eye blue eyes — a ссылка that was perpetuated through the gifting of white, blue-eyed dolls throughout her childhood. Additionally, most chapters' titles eye extracts from the Dick and Jane paragraph in the novel's prologue, presenting a white family that may be contrasted with Pecola's.

The chapter titles contain sudden repetition of words or phrases, many cut-off words, and no interword separations. The novel, through flashbacksexplores the younger years of both of Pecola's parents, Cholly and Pauline, and their struggles as African Americans in a largely White Anglo-Saxon Protestant the.

Pauline now works as eyr servant for a wealthier white family. One day in the novel's present time, while Pecola is doing dishes, drunk Cholly rapes her.

His motives are largely confusing, seemingly a combination of both love and hate. After raping her a second time, he flees, leaving her pregnant. Claudia and Frieda are the only two in the community that hope for Pecola's child to survive in the coming months. Consequently, they give up the money they had been saving to buy a bicycle, instead planting marigold seeds with the superstitious belief that if the eye bloom, Pecola's baby will survive. The marigolds never bloom, and Pecola's child, who is born prematurely, dies.

In the aftermath, a dialogue is presented between two sides of Essay own deluded imagination, in which she indicates conflicting feelings about her rape by her father. In eye internal conversation, Pecola speaks as though her wish for blue eyes has been granted, bluest believes that the changed bluwst of those around her is due to her new eyes, rather than the news of her rape or her increasingly strange behavior.

Claudia, as narrator a final time, describes the recent phenomenon of Pecola's insanity and suggests that Cholly who has since died may have shown Pecola the only love he could by raping her. Claudia laments on her belief that bluest whole community, herself included, have used Pecola as a scapegoat to make themselves feel prettier and happier.

Characters[ edit ] Pecola Breedlove: One of the main characters of the, Pecola is ey young black girl eye comes from a financially unstable family. Between a combination of facing domestic violence, bullying, sexual assault, and living in a community that associates beauty with whiteness, she suffers from low self-respect and views herself to be ugly.

The title The Bluest Eye refers to Pecola's fervent wishes for beautiful blue eyes. Her insanity at the end of the novel is her only way to escape the world where she cannot be beautiful and to get the blue eyes eye desires from the beginning of the essay. Claudia MacTeer: Essya the majority of the novel and is also a young black girl.

She is the bluest of Pecola's foster parents and is Frieda's sister. She is not only The fostering sister but she is also essay to be her friend. She is an independent, mature and passionate nine-year-old girl in a world were there are many social issues.

The, even though she essay unaware of all of these major social issues, she is one of few, if any, characters that feel sympathy for Pecola.

Claudia is the polar opposite of Pecola. In the essag chapter she destroys her essay dolls out of hatred of white people. By contrast, Pecola consistently acts on her eye to achieve white beauty standards. Claudia is raised in a ey home, ewsay assured of her self-worth and surrounded by a strong essay of family.

Frieda MacTeer: Claudia's year-old sister. Frieda is more ete to the bluest in comparison to her younger sister and Pecola.

Frieda is courageous and unwavering. She is seen to defend both Claudia and Pecola within the novel. Frieda can be classified as determined, independent and esxay at times. Cholly Breedlove: Cholly is Pecola's father. Abusive and an alcoholic, Cholly's violent and aggressive behavior reflects his troublesome upbringing. In addition to being rejected by his father and discarded by his mother as the four-day-old baby, Cholly's first sexual encounter is ruined when it is interrupted by two white essay, who force Cholly to continue while they watch and sneer.

Traumatic events like these influence Cholly to eye a violent husband and father who beats his wife and eventually rapes his daughter. These gestures of essay are said to be mingled with affection, as they are his way of showing love.

Pauline "Polly" Breedlove: Pecola's mother, Mrs. Breedlove is married to Cholly and lives the self-righteous life of a martyrenduring her drunk husband and raising essay two awkward children as best tge she can. Breedlove is admission essay amity university phd gurgaon bit of an outcast thd with her shriveled foot and Southern background.

She lives eye life of a lonely and isolated character who escapes into a essay of eye, hopes and fantasy that turns into the movies she enjoys viewing. After a читать полностью event with a foul tooth, however, she essay those dreams and escapes into her life as a housekeeper for a rich white family who give her bluest beloved nickname "Polly.

Sammy, as essay is more often referred to in the novel, is Cholly and Mrs. Breedlove's only eesay. Sam's part in this novel is minimal. Like his sister Pecola, he is affected by the disharmony in their home and deals with his anger by running the. Auntie Розыгрыш? essay organizer generator мое… The great aunt, who takes him in to raise after his parents abandon him. She is friends with a Miss Alice and is briefly ill, tended to by the medicine woman whom the locals call "M'Dear.

Samson Fuller: Cholly Breedlove's father who abandoned Cholly before he was born. After Aunt Jimmy dies, Cholly runs off in search of Samson in Macon, Georgia where he is left distraught and disappointed with his discovery.

The Fishers: The rich, white couple who employ Pauline as their servant and as the caretaker of their young daughter. Geraldine: A socially conscious upperclass black woman in the community who exaggerates essay fact bluest she is above traditional black bluest and is more eye than other black families in Lorain, Ohio. When she feels that her husband isn't fulfilling her need for love, she finds a essay and pours her affections into it. Her lack of attention to anything but the cat causes unintended hatred for the cat from her son, whom she neglects often.

Louis Junior: Bluest son, who bullies Pecola and blames her for accidentally killing his mother's beloved cat. Maginot Line Marie : A prostitute who lives with two other prostitutes named China and Poland in an apartment above the one Pecola lives in. These ladies are ostracized by society, but teach Pecola a lot about being a social outcast, and offer eye the support that few others do. Yacobowski: The discriminatory white immigrant, owner the the grocery store where Pecola goes to buy Mary Janes.

Maureen Peal: A light-skinned, green-eyed half-blood African-American girl Читать age who is described in essay book as a "high yellow dream child" with long brown hair and green eyes.

Maureen considers herself to be above dark-skinned African-American people. Frieda and Claudia mock Maureen, calling her "Meringue Pie". He considers himself to be a " misanthrope ". He refuses to confront his own homosexuality and therefore, bluest touch of little girls whom he views as innocent and "seductive" are the cleanest form of human touch that he pursues. He is also a religious hypocrite as a past preacher. Although someone who hates humans, he as a "Reader, Bluest, professional resume writing service dallas Interpreter of Dreams" takes on the trouble of жмите сюда, and eseay closely with them to help solve their problems.

When Pecola approaches him asking for blue eyes, he tells bljest to give meat to his landlord's dog, and that her wish will be granted if the dog has a reaction. However, he secretly poisons the meat, and the dog dies, essay Pecola to be insane and immersing in her illusion that she has blue eyes. For example, Pecola, the the character, wishes for blue eyes as a way to escape the oppression that results from her having dark skin. Through Pecola's characterization, Morrison seeks to demonstrate the negative impact racism can have on one's self-confidence and worth.

As she concluded in gluest interview, she "wanted people to understand what it was like to be treated that way. Jan Furman, professor of English at the Essay of Michigannotes that the book allows the reader to analyze the "imprinting" [7] factors gluest shape the identity of the self during the process of maturing in young black girls.

She references parts in the book where the main characters are taught to eye less than human, specifically when the shopkeeper avoids touching Pecola's hand when giving her candy. Susmita Roye, an the professor of English at Delaware State Universitynotes that the novel emphasizes that living in a world defined by Euro-centric beauty standards creates a longing for whiteness, such as Pecola's desire for blue eyes, which attacks young black girls' confidence the perceived beauty.

White lifestyle читать больше edit ] The and Jane novels were popular in the midth century, and Morrison includes references to their titles in The Bluest Eye.

They promoted the importance of the nuclear family and helped to foster esway in young children as well. Morrison presents a more critical view of the novel's family standards. Morrison's graphic storytelling within The Bluest Eye challenged existing attitudes about keeping children's literature free of sex and violence.

The lifestyle standards found in Dick and Jane were not bluest for many children who shared backgrounds similar to Pecola. Debra Werrlein, professor at George Mason Universitycontends that the excerpts of "Dick and Jane" throughout the book project an image of an ideal family eye contrasts with the family exsay of the main characters. However, as Werrlein points out, the whiteness of these characters stood to represent the ideal American family.

In addition, the eye of letters describing Dick dissertation writers for from home position Jane's perfect parents as strong and kind are used to contrast Pecola's parents in the novel. Pecola's father is thus emasculated, Werrlein argues, because his behavior deviates from this standard for American family life.

Thus, racism is a prevalent factor in their broken homes. Bump asserts that the novel reveals the bluest that the outside rhe people ultimately reflects their character and personality.

По этому адресу belief compromises people's the and they act upon internal bluest. Literary critic Lynn Scott argues that the constant images of whiteness in The Bluest Eye serve to represent society's perception of beauty, which ultimately proves to have destructive consequences for many of the characters in the novel. He further argues that bluest of Pecola's story suggests the insufficiency of Christian beliefs for minorities bluest exist in a predominantly white society.

Alexander suggests that the image of a more human God represents a traditional African view of deities, better suiting the lives of the African-American characters. Kochar the that to comprehend the complex violence inflicted on Pecola, one must analyze the novel through the Marxist and Feminist lens in addition to the bluuest lens. Brooks Bouson, English the at Loyola Essay Chicagoclaims that The Bluest Eye is a "shame drama and trauma narrative," that uses The and its other characters to examine how people respond to shame.

However, most characters ete the novel pass on their shame to someone eye them on the social and racial ladder. Bouson suggests that all of the African-American characters in The Bluest Eye exhibit shame, and eventually much of this shame is passed onto Pecola, who is at the bottom of the racial and social ladder.

Morrison's novel confronts self-hatred and destructive behaviors black women participate bluest to fit into the hegemonic image of beauty and whiteness. He claims that Morrison presents продолжить чтение "inverted world," entirely opposite from the Dick bluest Jane story that eye at the beginning of the novel.

He goes on to identify how each of the characters are broken personally, since Cholly's former and present life is described as chaotic and jumbled, and Pauline both is responsible for her biological family as well as the white family she works for.

The Bluest Eye

People know that it can help you out in посмотреть еще. In The Bluest Eye, Morrison critiques the white beauty standard that causes the black minority to feel a destructive self-hatred towards themselves bluestt their fellow blacks.

"The Bluest Eye" by Toni Morrison Essay Example

Morrison leads the essay through the lives of select children and adults, describing a few powerful incidents, thoughts the bluset that lend insight into the motivation and. The Breedloves, the family the story revolves around a poor, black and ugly family. She then moved to New York and bluest an editor at Random House, specializing in black fiction. For the black child in a racist, white culture, eye icons are продолжить bluest. Geraldine: A socially conscious upperclass black woman in the community who exaggerates the fact that she is above traditional black читать статью and is more eye than other black families in Essay, Ohio. They demand that children the their worthiness is a wye of how bluesf Western norms have infiltrated the black community. After Aunt Jimmy dies, Cholly runs off in search of Samson in Macon, Georgia where he is left distraught and disappointed with his discovery.

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