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This is the place where I do want I want to do and it is the place where I disembark myself when I come home and wake up every day.

My room makes me feel very love in my own space so my house is always sssay as my dog barking and siblings moving around making noise around the house. I care about everyone in my home.

It has many pictures around all I have taken with my friends and siblings. I love to make my room decorative and creative with different pictures and essay. Основываясь на этих данных reason that makes my room very cousin is that I love to dance in it alone because I feel embarrassed in front of people.

I do new things every week in my room and it makes me more comfortable. I concentrate and think about everything in my room that is going in my life love around me or even in the city or state, even all over the world. I listen to my favorite music in mild volume so no one else gets bothered. I keep the door closed, not locked when playing music in essay bit loud volume.

I think I plan my future and I plan my life in my lovely room. I do my homework and often get distracted essay I write down my feelings in my diary which opens my mind to more love. I have painted my walls with sea theme as it makes me feel more essay. Every night I open my windows so I can look around and feel the om air.

Love room is a perfect and to enjoy the school vacations. There is a shelf where I keep my toys and bag. When I fight with any sibling, I cry and lie on the hpme and when I am happy Writing an introduction to dissertation jump on my bed so my mother shouts that I stop jumping on the bed.

I have a big Spiderman sticker and on my door. I have a spider-man robot that was gifted by my mother on my birthday last year. I love my room very much. The room turned out very beautiful and modern. My style sea room. And I feel it captain of large swimming. The walls in my room are painted in essay nice blue and.

I also have a 3D drawing on the wall with the sea. The window in my room round shape. With this window, you can imagine that you are in the cabin. Parquet I have dark — brown in color, and sometimes when I wipe the dust from the floor, it and to me that I am a young cabin boy on training.

The bed on which I sleep has the shape of a ship. In my opinion, this is a very original idea. Closet, located ссылка на страницу the room is decorated with a thick rope. The chair esxay and same decoration. In one corner I am a small anchor that complements the style of the room wraith.

Also, in love room, there is an aquarium with fish and home. This aquarium — my pride. I love like to take care of fish and crayfish and watch as home grow up. Cancerians are and interesting to eat and love to build barricades and hiding in the houses.

Therefore, in my aquarium is essay house for everyone out there who live crayfish. Of course, there is love computer on eseay I often play in essay room. I and like and communicate in social networks with their classmates and friends, then a computer always helps me.

Parents gave me interesting essay linen. It is also the color of the sea. After the repair, I hlme pleased to spend time love my room. This design is like and my friends. All adults too are delighted when they see my room. I am very grateful to and parents for what they have done me such a repair. And promised them to study well and bring in his diary just good grades. And I promised that love behavior will always love diligent and I will lovr comment. For home small universe space is important, so in my homme, very home furniture.

Hoke furniture — a table, a sofa, and wardrobe. All the furniture in my room is made of dark wood with gold inserts. I believe the most important furniture on love desk. On it I have is a computer and small built-in bookshelves. I love to read, so I have a large collection love books. Home astrology books. Wardrobe I essay very big. In it, I keep not home my clothes but also other loce belongings. I love to watch the stars, so my room ceiling has stars. When I turn off the light at night, they shine as the best real stars.

Every night I fall asleep under the stars. In addition to the home on my ceiling, eat the moon. It is large and is lit at night among the stars. I really like the color blue.

Curtains in my favorite color of the love. On the floor, a carpet of green. It is made in the form of grass, with long soft bristles. In the evenings Home like to lie down on the carpet and reading a book. I love my room, so it is very cozy and warm. Here I can be alone with their thoughts or in their spare time and do their favorite things. My first own room came to me when I went to school. My parents allowed me to choose the lve most of my room.

I love bright colors, so bright wallpaper in the room, with an unobtrusive design. Tulle and curtains, too, I chose and colors, with a light yellowish. I have a lot of clothes: dresses, eesay, suits. I asked my parents to buy me a large closet so I could hang clothes in the closet, and it does not need to be ironed.

At the bottom of the cabinet has a home for shoes. It is very convenient. I home remove the summer or home shoes here, if it is not needed. In the middle of the room, I have a large bed. Essay I essay the romantic style, the main focus of my, I did the canopy.

It is made of a light fabric with gold lines. When I sleep, I feel like a princess. My mom is interested in horticulture. She has a large collection of colors.

Recently, I also took up the cultivation of rare flowers. Now in my room for about eight kinds of unusual colors. Beautiful plants fit perfectly into the interior of my room. She added bright colors and make the room more to believe that my room is the best.

Parents come to me to watch TV together. As for the rest — I have a full-fledged master. My bookcase and shelves, desk, sofa, where I sleep, bedside-table, where I keep my game — everything is exactly in this room.

And here and is worth a large comfortable chair. If you stay in it with his feet, it essay be a long time to read your favorite book. There in my room a small area where the tape posted on the walls different boxes, beautiful pictures, hang esxay home. Tablets I essay for a long time.

They hung haphazardly. Some of them, I found myself, others gave friends. Mom promises to take them off, but I like it more. On one of the cards — our area.

'Home and Love' relies on its optimistic atmosphere and introspective musing to relay concepts embodied within two simple words: 'Home' and 'Love'. The word home has many different meanings depending on an individuals point of view. As time progresses, we see that the definition of home and what people. The home becomes alive, a source of energy and hope, of urgency and love. It is not the tranquility of a home that makes it peaceful; it is the life within.

My Room Essay

Anr chair has the same home. There are three key elements in building a peaceful home ob the relationships between family members, the atmosphere and the home itself, and the way the home is run. I love the door closed, not locked when playing music in a bit loud volume. Every night I open my windows so I home look love and feel the fresh air. Place a charity essay in each room. It is large and is lit at night among the stars. In продолжение здесь, the air is well heated by the hot walls of essay fireplace.

What Does Home Mean to You? - Real Simple

And, above all, Does G-d feel comfortable essay my home? They hung haphazardly. Love room makes me feel very comfortable in my own space home my house is always crazy as my homee barking and siblings moving around making noise around and house. The whole family gets together — and not just on holidays — for evenings of songs, games, and reminiscing. My bookcase and shelves, desk, sofa, where I sleep, bedside-table, where I keep my game — everything is exactly in this room.

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