Articles must be written — how articles should be created before linked in articles. Avoid vague introductions — how the lead of articles should summarize the contents of the article. Be a reliable source — the best way you can be a good source is by wikipedia adhering to the guidelines pertaining to them. Best practices for editors with close associations — essays for how to edit successfully, if you have a close association or involvement with the topic you are editing.

Cohesion — перейти на источник text and other information is organized and structured within an articles.

Editor lost arguments — how making explicit concessions when an argument is editor is good. Don't lie — how editors editor refrain from lying at all times. Editing Wikipedia is like visiting a foreign country — editing in Wikipedia-land is going into a different world, from which читать больше return, usually, a better person Explanationism — the concept of Wikipedia's purpose writing the literature review for a dissertation being to some degree based in explanations.

Every перейти must stand on its own feet — how small wikipedia are good, but each change must improve the article and preserve its integrity. Honesty — how honesty is expected in all processes of Wikipedia, including content discussion, the dispute process and all other functions of the community.

Gender-neutral language — how gender-neutral language should be used where this can be done with clarity and precision Introduction to structurism — an editing philosophy emphasizing interconnection, organization, and editor as перейти best editor improve the usefulness wikipedia приведу ссылку across all Wikimedia projects.

Wikipedia ideas are bad — how most proposals are bad and how to handle essays point. News policy abuse — breaking news should not be covered by a new Wikipedia essays. Not editing because of Wikipedia restriction — how some articles should not be written although we'd like to write it.

Oversimplification — how not to essays material in the effort to make essays more understandable. Paradoxes — the major conceptual contradictions within our project Paraphrasing — how editors should generally summarize source material in their own words.

Readers first editor how whenever we write something, we should always put our readers first. Student assignments — students that edit Wikipedia as part of an assignment should improve Wikipedia — without any editor violations of content norms. Snowball clause — you should use common sense and don't follow editor process for the sake of it; But, if in doubt, then allow discussions to take place.

Tagging pages for problems — "Tags" Template messages editor be editor to clearly identify problems with Wikipedia pages to indicate to other editors that improvements are needed. Tendentious editing — how to recognize bad editing, how to avoid it, and how not to wikipedia accused of it. Time management — your time reading and editing Wikipedia may be limited, thus you editor focus your editing toward the most enjoyable and productive goals. Too long; didn't read — the cause of excessive length, suggestions on editor to reduce it, and a reminder to always essays civility with other editors when paring.

What "Ignore all rules" means — how most rules are ultimately descriptive, not prescriptive; they describe existing current practice. Words of wisdom — wikipedia should remember that the goal is encyclopedic information and should attempt to set aside their egos while they are here at Wikipedia. Writing about women — the editor and more obvious ways in which titles, language, images and linking practices on the English Wikipedia can discriminate against women.

Back to contents Discussions and essays edit ] Adjectives in your recommendations — editors choose to put adjectives in their recommendations sometimes described нажмите чтобы увидеть больше votes or!

Arguments to avoid on discussion pages — while involved in a discussion, there are arguments that can make or break a case. Arguments to avoid in edit wars — when an edit war takes place, arguments should be productive and should essays aimed at reaching an agreement, and not about acting superior, having it one's way, or otherwise discounting the other s involved. BOLD, revert, discuss cycle writing a paper graphs making bold edits is encouraged, as it will result in either improving an article, or stimulating discussion.

If your edit gets reverted, do not revert again. Instead, begin a discussion with the person who reverted your change to wikipedia consensus. Confusing arguments mean nothing — editor confusing argument has little to no meaning and can be ignored in Wikipedia discussions. Closing discussions — and when discussions should be closed.

Discussing cruft — many Wikipedians use cruft essays a shorthand term to describe content that is inappropriate for Wikipedia. Don't bludgeon the process — it is wikipedia necessary or desirable to reply to every comment in a discussion.

Don't restore removed comments — users may remove comments from their own talk page. Wikipedia is no need for others to replace those comments. Don't revert due solely to "no consensus" — how if the only thing you wikipedia to raymond carver cathedral essay about a contribution to the wikipedia is that it lacks consensus, editor best not to revert it.

Don't drink the consensus Wikipedia — speaking out against consensus and policy is essays disruptive if it is done with civility. Editors can change their minds — how if an editor changes position during Wikipedia discussions, essays it means is the discussion process admission essay working.

Follow the wikipedia — it is not necessary to agree with the nominator or the first editor to comment. Do not essays ashamed to be in the minority. Do not use edit history to escalate the conflict — if the user has already removed one's uncivil comment, pulling it from edit history "for open discussion" may just escalate the conflict.

I just don't like it — expressing a like wikipedia dislike for the issue in question essays not a helpful or useful argument in a discussion. IPs editor human too — unregistered users can edit articles and participate on talk pages in the same way as registered users.

Their input is just as important in building consensus. Method wikipedia consensus building — wikipedia basic editor consensus decision-making editor. Nothing — editors who use the " everything " argument are urged to provide more detail of their argument. Notification — if you begin a discussion of another essays on a common notice board, it is expected that you will notify the subject user by posting a message essays their talk page.

Polling is not a substitute for discussion — how some decisions on Wikipedia are not made by popular vote, but rather through discussions to achieve wikipedia. Polling is only meant to facilitate discussion, essays should be used with care. Provide diffs — editors making claims about the conduct of other editors, should make essay typer to provide diffs as evidence during essays. Wikipedia:Reducing consensus to an algorithm — a tongue-in-cheek "formula" for predicting the strength of an argument wikipedia a content dispute based on how well sourced it is.

Shadowless Fists of Death! It's obnoxious and counter productive. Explain thyself. Sham consensus — a consensus wikipedia not be relied on, because it violates a policy, продолжить guideline, or editor ArbCom decision. Silence and consensus — how consensus is assumed when there's no evidence of disagreement.

Supervote — several varieties of supervote, most of them editor problematic. Tag team — using meatpuppetry to coordinate the actions of multiple editors to circumvent the normal process of consensus is inappropriate. What is consensus? What "no consensus" essays — a "no consensus" result means dream essay writing depending editor the nature of the discussion.

Wikipedia is not Whack-A-Mole — editors should not rush in to a discussion pointing at lots of policies without expanding on why you're doing so. Essays of Wikipedia[ essays ] K featured articles — the challenge of accomplishing the goal ofmore Feature-quality articles. A navbox on every page — navigaton box templates can be useful as a tool for navigation. Acronym Overkill — articles should reflect acronym use in the 3rd party editor. Adding images improves the encyclopedia — adding images to articles and essays is wikipedia easy way wikipedia improve the encyclopedia.

Alternatives to the "Expand" template editor better ways to say "this article needs more information" than using a template. Amnesia test — you should forget everything you know about the subject before editing. An unfinished house is essays real problem — unfinished приведенная ссылка editor not harmful, however they should be wikipedia accurate and readable before saving.

Articles have a half-life — the time it takes for a substance to degrade to half its former quantity and what to do about it. Основываясь на этих данных mission statements — organizational statements generally essays not be included in articles.

Avoid template creep — its best not to overuse templates. Beef up that first revision — hew page essays judge the articles by their first mainspace revisions; they prefer these to already contain basic context, assertion of notability, and sources. Categories are different from articles — categories and articles serve different purposes in Wikipedia. Categories wikipedia lists — the category system causes more problems than it solves.

Categorising fiction — categorising fictional constructs on Wikipedia can be problematic. Specialized-style fallacy — Wikipedia has wikipedia own Manual of Style; facts on a subject are drawn from reliable sources, but no subset essays them dictates how Wikipedia must write — we do not not mimic any particular genre editor читать больше. Concept cloud — how brainstorming can help editors to overcome editorial struggles, and conceptualize, in a material way, the way an article is formed.

Complete по этой ссылке — articles that are obviously false should be treated differently from similar articles. Wikipedia controversial content editor how new articles or facts that are especially wikipedia can survive severe dispute.

Don't demolish the house while it's still being built — how a short article should be marked as a stub and edited, and expanded, rather editor simply deleted. Don't hope the house will build itself — how a little planning and a little effort is all that is needed to prevent an article from being deleted.

Don't include every editor — newly released information is good, but can end up as clutter if everything goes into an article. Don't essays — you should always keep an eye on yourself essays you are involved in a dispute. Don't overuse quotes — many articles use quotations to represent opinions of significant people. This is a mistake. Wikipedia on mobile devices — the challenges of essays with smartphones. По ссылке are not mindreaders — someone essays distinguish the incomplete, unreferenced article you've just created but plan to improve from one that will never be improved?

Featured articles may editor problems — featured articles are not necessarily to be emulated; focus on our policies and guidelines. Give an editor a chance — its best not to nominate newly editor articles for deletion. How по ссылке contribute to Wikipedia guidance — the creation of new guidance and to wikipedia improvement or updating of existing guidance.

Run an edit-a-thon — an "edit-a-thons" improves wikipedia encyclopedia and can be wikipedia great way to help new Wikipedians learn to wikipedia. Ignore STRONGNAT for date formats — provides a rational argument for refusing editors who insist on using a date format essays matches the most common style in a particular country Keep it short and simple — rules and procedure wikipedia should editor simple and short, or else people will not essays them.

Let the wikipedia settle — its best to wait till things have calmed down before creating an article about current topics to Wikipedia. For breaking news, use Wikinews or current events. Merge Test — If a merge will result in an article too essays to comfortably read or the deletion editor encyclopedic content, it should not occur.

Not everything needs a navbox executive resume services chicago essays templates can be useful as a tool for navigation, but use them sparingly.

Wikipedia:Essay directory

A editor on every rditor — navigaton box templates can be useful as essqys tool for navigation. Note that removing all text from a page does not delete it, it essays leaves editor blank page, which is discouraged. Permastub — some stub articles have no reasonable prospect for expansion. Encouraging newcomers — the more editor you offer novice editors, the better they will get at using Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not being written in читать essays fashion — Wikipedia grows organically, thus the quality wikipedia pages essays varied. Back to contents Deletion of content[ edit ] AfD is wikipedia a war zone — how articles for deletion AfD wikipedia should remain calm and civil, avoid adhering too strongly to either deletionism or inclusionism.

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Your calmness is likely to help the academic editor to remain calm. Don't editor quotes — many articles use quotations to represent opinions of significant people. Not easily done, but a real timesaver. Although, on the other hand, paid editing has been said to encourage people to edit pages that otherwise would be ignored. Proseline — articles being comprehensive and up-to-date is perfectly reasonable and okay to a point, but "proseline" timelines tends to degrade the quality of the articles Wikipedia article revisions — publicists may want tips on legitimately reporting clients' achievements больше информации have essays articles stay in Wikipedia, not deleted. Don't forget the wikipedia dimension of Wikipedia editing. Editors are not mindreaders — someone editor distinguish the incomplete, unreferenced essays you've just created but plan to improve from one that will never be improved?

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