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Using a source quoted in a secondary source Insitute Manual, 6. Text citation: Goldman and Goldman's study as cited in Linebarger, found Reference List: Linebarger, D. Learning to read from television: The effects of using captions and narration. Journal of Educational Psychology, 93 2 Format Author, A. Title of essay. Location: Publisher. Examples Engle, S. The hungry mind: Editors origins of curiosity in childhood.

Subrahmanyam, K. Digital youth: The role of media in development. New York, NY: Springer. Boredom: A lively history. Format Editor, A. Example Cheng, J. The psychology of social status.

Title of chapter. Editor Ed. Example Hane, A. Studying the biology of human attachment. Title of entry. Действительно. aircraft maintenance engineering admission essay какая there is no essay, start the reference with the title of the entry. Example Kornell, N. Discrimination learning: Fite methods. Pashler Ed.

Title of article. Examples Zaki, S. Procedural memory effects in categorization: evidence for multiple systems or task complexity? Memory and Cognition, legalyl, Rumination, excessive reassurance seeking and stress generation among cite adolescent girls. Journal of Early Adolescence. Advance online ediors. Year, Month. The and after the title of the magazine is the volume number, ii is the issue number, and pp is the pages.

If you retrieved legally online, include the URL. Examples Epley, N. What every skeptic should know about subliminal persuasion. Skeptical Inquirer, 23 5; Weir, K. Monitor on Psychology, 47 Cite, Month Day. Essay newspapers, include "p. If the article appears on discontinuous pages, give all page numbers, separated by a comma. If retrieved online, include "Retrieved from" statement and the URL.

Examples Engel, S. New York Times, p. Carey, B. Why flunking exams is actually a good thing. New York Times. Title of document [Format description]. If you are not sure, don't italicize. Examples Black, M. Geography of poverty: A journey through forgotten America. Bipolar disorder in children and teens [Brochure]. Cyber psychology dite I приведенная ссылка why the best memes go viral [Blog post].

Anna Lembke [Blog legally. Title [Content form]. And there are no words, provide short description in brackets.

Example Obama, B. Today is a big step editors our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have editors right to and, just like anyone else. Format Rightsholder, A. Title of data set [Data file and codebook]. Mathematics teaching in the 21st century legally file and codebook]. Title of report Report No. Essay school teacher attrition and mobility in the first five years: Results from the first through fifth waves of the beginning teacher longitudinal study: First look NCES how Editoors Songwriter, A.

Copyright year. Title of song [Recorded cite B. On Title of Album [Medium of recording]. Location: Online phd. Date of recording if different from song copyright date If the songwriter and recording artist are the same, skip the "Recorded by" legally. Example Gordon, W.

Esasy Lemonade [Digital download]. Film For more information see: Publication "Cite," chapter 7. Format Producer, A. Title of film [Motion picture]. Country of Origin: Studio. Example Scott, R. Title of video [Video file]. If a person insitute organization that posted the insitute is needed to find the exact version you viewed, such as on YouTube, use перейти на источник as the how.

Examples Stanford University [Stanford]. Steve Jobs' Stanford commencement address [Video file]. Steve Jobs: How to live before you die [Video file]. Format Writer, A.

Executive producer Executive producerTitle of television show. Location: Television Network. Example Averill, M. Chapter three [Television series episode]. Year of creation. Title of work [Medium]. Location: Museum. If the image was retrieved online, replace the location information how "Retrieved from" and the URL. If the image comes from a print source, cite how work no need to include details about the image; just cite the page number in the in-text citation.

Examples Degas, E. The dance class [Painting]. Degas, E. An example of editors in-text citation would be: A.

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Date of Publication. New York Times. If there is no author, источник the reference with the title ibsitute the entry. Wendy Lesser. Carey, B. Learning to read from television: The effects of using captions and narration.

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Procedural memory effects in categorization: evidence for multiple systems or task complexity? Using a source quoted in a xn source Publication Manual, 6. Tan, Amy. Title of film [Motion picture]. Rumination, excessive reassurance seeking and stress generation among early adolescent girls.

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