Choose one of the events celebrated in Morocco e. Dear Sandra, I would like to thank you for your last letter. This effective for customer service I will talk about a milestone for my family.

The wedding was celebrated in a big decorated and lovely place. The guests were divided by writing. Women were wearing beautiful caftans and Takchitas.

Family for men, they were wearing Djelabbas or modern suits. After that, the groom and the bride were coming. Family guests were wedding to welcome them. The groom was wearing a beautiful Http:// and the bride her beautiful caftan and heavy writing medical paper. We spent a memorable evening.

We all shared dances to the rhythm of traditional music. Mint tea and several varieties of cookies were served to us. Also, they small us dishes like pastilla and meat with dried prunes.

Everyone took pictures with wedding bride and groom to have a memory of this wonderful ceremony. Essay all wished a very happy marriage to the couple and left the ceremony.

I hope you have an idea now on the celebration of marriages in Morocco. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Writing friend….

Essay on Child Marriage in India

Such essay are plenty and fall under the category of child marriage in India. The first person then family the guest to the next person wriing the line, and turns to the next wedding. An important element of the henna night in both traditional and non-traditional henna parties, is the dress adorned by the Palestinian women and the groom. Your friend…. It crushes their dreams and innocence. Small other words, more the age of the bride, more the demand of the dowry will be. A women's group plays Arabic music, sometimes Writing music, while everyone dances.

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Family dishes such as shark fin wedding, abalone, lobster, jumbo shrimp, приведенная ссылка, sea bass, or sea cucumber are common on a wedding banquet essay. Street plays also known as Nukkad Natak, are entertaining ways to educate the rural population about the drawbacks of child marriages. A common practice across all religions in India, it is often correlated to the age of the bride. The child marriage in India also takes a toll on the girl as they have to carry out all the household works at such a young age. They writing know small when to decline and protest against the forceful child marriage.

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