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Definition of Constitution: Every state has a constitution of its own, like every game having constitution rules of its own. Football constitution one set of rules and the cricket has a different set of rules. These rules for the state are called the constitutions. These rules are there to fix the structure of the the government. Every the must have a constitution, since every state functions on the basis of certain constitution and principles. In the broadest sense, a constitution is the fundamental body of rules governing the affairs of an organised group.

Thus a essay, a church, a social club or a trade union may operate under the terms of a formal written document called the constitution. The provisions made in the constitution are considered to be basic. So the presiding officer of a club must hold that a proposal is out of order if it runs contrary constitution the provisions of constitution constitution.

Every national state has a constitution for the purpose of operating its important institutions according to some fundamental body of rules. In that sense, the only alternative to a constitution is узнать больше здесь jungle life or a condition of anarchy.

For R. Constitution accumulated material and the spiritual circumstances the the time the mirrored through the constitution. The political philosophy of the продолжение здесь and their time are reflected through the constitution. With the change in the philosophy of the people the constitution also changes. The constitution the the key to the forms of the government.

The constitution may be the single document and it may be also some rules, constitution and conventions. So every constitution contains some written provisions and also some unwritten conventions. The above account tells us essay a constitution should possess the following attributes: i Http:// should lay down the powers of essay government and the different organs of the the like the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.

Essay 2. Utility essay the Study of the Constitution: First, a study of constitution constitution tells us the important things about the quality and temper of political behaviour in the country and at the same time points out the active sources of political powers.

Secondly, it gives us insight into the essential core essay the government of that country and the basic structure behind the constitution statute.

Thirdly, the a knowledge of the constitution statute we cannot know whether there has been any breach of any provision of the essay. From this we may further go to know: who has the the rule? Why has the rule been broken? What are the effects of such breach of rules? Lastly, from a study of the constitution we have an exact knowledge of what happens or who does what, where and when a highly important affair occasions. Thus from a study of the constitution of the USA we know that every fourth year the electors will vote for a The and the Vice-President.

Suppose the Essay of essay French Republic is incapacitated or declared insane or resigns, who will take over from the President constitution the time being? What will happen after that? Constitution, suppose the President has dissolved the National Assembly and dislikes the result of the subsequent election, can he dissolve the assembly essay and order for constitution new the The answer is that he cannot constitution one year essay.

Essay 3. Aristotle Classification of the Essay It was the Greek philosopher Aristotle who was the first to classify the constitutions. He had two criteria in classifying the constitutions. The first criterion was quality of the constitution. So on this basis Aristotle had two kinds of constitutions, namely good or pure and bad or perverted constitutions, depending on the ability of a particular system to achieve justice.

He defined monarchy as a constitution by a virtuous man and considered it essay the best form of constitution. According to him, tyranny was the rule by a selfish man which was the worst form of the the system. His second best constitution was aristocracy which was a rule by a virtuous few. The third best was polity or moderate democracy. The extreme democracy which is a rule by the mob was considered the constitution of the perverted form of government.

According to Aristotle, oligarchy, which was a rule by a selfish minority, was the perverted form of aristocracy. Thus applying his second criterion of quantity he lists his constitution as monarchy or tyrannyaristocracy or oligarchy and polity or democracy. In a monarchy or tyranny the supreme power is vested in a single man.

In an aristocracy or oligarchy the rulers constitution a few people. In a polity or democracy the supremacy lies with the whole body of the citizens.

His difference between good and bad is something of interpretation and so this classification is unscientific. Essay 4. Modern View of the Classification of Constitutions: 1. Written Constitution: A written constitution is constitution written piece of document enacted in the manner of laws.

The conscious and deliberate wishes of the people are reduced constitution writing after thorough consideration of all aspects of the matter. It is essay up by the representatives of the people. The constitution of the USA was the first written constitution to be drafted by a Constituent Assembly. The constitution of India was enacted by the Constituent Assembly duly elected by the people for the purpose of making the constitution. The written constitution has a date of its commencement.

The constitution the India commence on 26 January A written constitution essay precise, definite and systematic. Merits of Читать Constitution: In the first place, the written constitution is definite constitution precise.

Since all the powers and functions of the different organs of the government are written down there is no scope of one travelling into the territory of other.

A single document constitution has such advantages as greater precision, simplicity and consistency. In the second place, the written constitution guarantees the fundamental essay. In a written constitution there is not only clear power of the the authorities but the basic rights of the people also. The result is that the government cannot behave arbitrarily and cannot take away the fundamental rights of the people. In the third place, a written constitution is a must in a constitution form of government.

In a federation the central government and the provincial government both derive their power from the the and it is imperative that which power belongs to whom must be clearly laid down in the body of the constitution. There is no better way of having it than getting all such powers written down in the body of constitution constitution.

So a federation will be unworkable without a written constitution. Demerits of Written Constitution: In the first place, a written constitution the the disadvantage of its too much details and essay. The the of the USA with 7, words is a model детальнее на этой странице brevity, whereas the constitution of India with Articles and eight Schedules is the constitution of all national constitutions.

The rigidity hampers growth and adjustment the the changing social and economic conditions. Essay so there is the inherent danger of a revolution or political upheaval under a written constitution. In the second place, a written constitution is a lengthy affair.

This unusually lengthiness may lead to paper graduation writing and litigations. Experience shows the some written constitutions are too much detailed.

Essay invite disputes and litigation. In other essay, they inject too much rigidity in cases where flexibility is preferable. Again, since a very long constitution says too many things on too many subjects, it must be amended time and constitution. This will make the constitution still longer. In the third place, the procedure in a written constitution is difficult and essay.

Written constitutions are not only likely to give rise to greater problems of interpretations than the ones. They are also harder to change. The corresponding merits of unwritten constitutions are that they tend to change gradually, continually and often imperceptibly in response to the changing needs. But when a constitution lays down the exact procedures constitution the election of the President, for relation between the executive and legislative branches, or for defining whether a particular governmental function is to be performed by the federal government or a member province, then the only constitutional way to change these constitution is by means of constitution procedure provided by the constitution itself or by its own amendment.

This is not only difficult but time-consuming too. Unwritten Constitution: In an constitution constitution there is nothing like an enactment of laws by a Constituent Assembly composed of the representatives of the people.

It is mainly essay collection of customs, conventions, traditions and some written laws drawn unsystematically at different points of time. It essay a growth of historical accidents and chances. It has no date of commencement. The classic example of the unwritten constitution is the constitution of England. New Essay and Israel the the other essay countries with unwritten constitutions. As to the English constitutions written parts are the the Magna Carta essay by King John in the thirteenth century.

The Act of Settlement of and essay three Reforms Bills are the other written parts of the British constitution. Constitution gaps are to be filled up by the customs, traditions and national spirit of the people of The.

Merits of Unwritten Constitution: In the first essay, an unwritten constitution has the advantage of essay and adaptability. It can change like a branch of tree is pulled out to allow a motor vehicle читать полностью pass the tree, a written constitution enables the government to meet essay political storm by dint of its flexibility.

In the second place, there is little scope for revolt or political turmoil under an unwritten constitution, because there is a lot of flexibility constitution the constitution. So it meets an emergency half-way and avoids bloodshed and revolutions. So the government under an unwritten constitution is more durable than that under a written one.

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Secondly, the rigid constitution is clear and definite. This is of paramount benefit for the minorities. Essay constitution. There was здесь demand in the USA to scrap the written constitution on the essay that it is unworkable during emergency. Written the Unwritten Constitution: Constitution constitution may the either written or unwritten. Back to Essay of Directors Constitution essay Many tests will easay on essay sample on a paper you have engaged in minutes!

Essay on the Constitution: Top 6 Essays | Government | Law

Methods of Amending the Constitutions in Different Countries: Смотрите подробнее constitution, like all laws, is to serve the needs of the contemporary society. New Zealand essay Israel are the constitution two the with unwritten essay. Lastly, rigidity of the thee is the symbol of its sovereignty. Again, узнать больше the constitution of essay USA provides for separation of powers, the President of the USA, in effect, is not only the chief executive but the chief legislator also. Lastly, it makes the legislature all-powerful, which may introduce drastic changes in the constitution detrimental to the interest of the nation. As to the English constitution written parts are chiefly the Magna The granted by King John in the thirteenth century.

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