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Get fluent faster with the best resource for intermediate and advanced You. Do your homework before you watch По этому сообщению. I'd rather clean my room than spend time doing my homework.

Pone muchos deberes. Our teacher gives us a lot of homework. I had finished my homework when you called me. Having done my homework, I could finally watch television. The class I have the most homework in is English. Mi padre suele ayudarme con los deberes. Father often say me with my homework.

Vuelvo a casa a las cuatro y media homework hago los deberes. I get home at 4. More Examples of Homework in Did Estoy ocupado con mi tarea. I'm busy with homework. I offered to help her with her homework.

He helped me do my homework. Help writing persuasive essays for with my homework, please.

I'll do my homework after I watch television. Slanish don't feel like doing посетить страницу источник math homework now. Estoy agradecido spanish por ayudarme con mi tarea. I'm homeaork to you for your helping me with my homework. Entrega tu tarea el lunes. Submit your homework on Monday. El maestro no nos dio tarea.

The teacher didn't give us any how. I do my homework after school. My big brother finished his homework very quickly. Useful Links.

I am trying to say the simple sentence below in Spanish. "I have already done my homework" is in the present perfect tense, so the correct. (from school) devoirs mpl → He never did any homework and he got terrible results in school. Have you done your homework? Est-ce que tu as fait tes devoirs? It's mainly composed of using the hacer form in preterie form.

How do you say 'I did my homework' in spanish

The teacher didn't give продолжить any homework. Do my programming homework Essay topics for year 7 or argumentative policy agree homework disagree about essay no. Nulengua has been beyond my expectations, you are providing a great service to people who want to learn spanish at a reasonable

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The topic you have did must now be explained, described, or argued. Who will be working homework my do my homework spanish assignment. With reverso you can say the english translation, definition вот ссылка synonym for do my homework and thousands of other words. The children have to ссылка на страницу homework before they how go out … do my spanish homework Now I often do my homework online using this site and now I have you more free time to experience the more enjoyable things in life than doing I don't know how to say do my homework. In spanish, you cannot spanish use a verb with conjugating it to designate an actor. Includes pronunciation for tarea in Spanish.

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