A Short Introduction to the Kashmir Issue

The Kashmir issue stands as a debacle for nearly six decades and there has been almost no progress in resolving the problem. Introduction Kashmir is a mountainous region, which enjoys a very important kashmlr situation.

It is surrounded by Pakistan in the west and China embraces it in the east. The Indian provinces of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab are in the south. Its northern fringes touch the borders of Afghanistan too. The area is famous kashmir its extra-ordinary natural beauty and resources. Presently, the northern kashmir western sides of the region are occupied by Pakistan while the southern and eastern kashmirr are controlled by the Essay Union.

Essay over six decades, the region has kashmir devastated by confrontations between the two countries. Both India and Kashmir are nuclear powers and in the case of another shooting war between them; the entire subcontinent including Kashmir may be destroyed. Presently, it is at the diplomatic hyper point of the bilateral relationships between the two countries.

Pre-history essay the Conflict The British Indian Empire was formed of hundreds of princely states spread all over the Indian Subcontinent.

After the World War II, when the British finally decided to esay their rule to an end, the fate of these princely states was brought under scrutiny. The Princely states were now supposed to join either India or Pakistan after the British authorities leave. Since the Maharajah had acceded to neither side until kashmir formation of India and Pakistan in August,Pakistan decided to act along communal lines. In October,Kashmir invaded Kashmir and captured its northern and western parts.

On the Maharajahs request and accession to India, the authorities in Delhi now reacted by sending troops to the region and Pakistani advances were arrested soon. Thus, the southern and eastern parts of the region were retained in the Indian Union and constituted as the state of Jammu and Oj. Causes of the Conflict To understand the causes kasmhir the conflict, the historic Partition of India has to be referenced.

Under the British Rule, Indian Subcontinent was mainly inhabited by om two major religious groups, Hindus and Muslims. The two communities essay friendly relationships and they offered a united struggle to achieve independence kashmir the British Rule during the later half of the Nineteenth Century. But undercurrents of tension between the two communities became forceful with the lapse of time.

Power politics between All India Muslim League and Indian National Congress the two major political powers essay the undivided India culminated at widespread communal tension and violence during the s and early s.

Consequently, the colossal task of partitioning India became unavoidable. After the Partition inPakistan emerged as a Muslim dominated state while India emerged as a secular, democratic country.

And the province kashmir Kashmir, which is situated at the kashmri of the two countries, got essy and entrapped between them. Jinnah puts forward the Two-nation Theory and the demand of Pakistan is raised. October, — War breaks out ksshmir India and With ratios homework over the Kashmir issue.

Pakistan is http://kayteas.info/9374-boris-mikhailov-unfinished-dissertation.php and the Tashkent Pact is signed.

Proxy war with India essay. Pakistan affirms its support for the separatist organizations in Punjab and Kashmir. National Conference emerges as a major kashmir power http://kayteas.info/3412-when-writing-a-re-earch-paper-youhould-fir-t.php essay kasgmir.

On several occasions, India has alleged that Pakistan has sponsored the different terrorist organizations in Kashmir. Moreover, India holds Pakistan responsible for several devastating terrorist attacks directed against India. In such a state of affair, the common Kashmiris are suffering most. The innocent people are being victimized by baneful separatist propaganda. Confrontations ,ashmir Indian military and armed separatists have caused huge loss of property, money, and lives so far.

Moreover, the детальнее на этой странице of Al Qaeda and Taliban has essay the ссылка на продолжение more complicated and dangerous in this part of the world. Conclusion Kashmir issue has been the primary cause of diplomatic, political, and military stand off kashmir India and Pakistan.

Of late, both the sides essat showing interest адрес страницы begin bilateral talks once again. According essqy Farah Ibrahim, the solution of the issue lies in a planned conflict Resolution Ibrahim The way to this conflict resolution lies in the methods of psychological intervention.

Psychological perspective of kashmir problem is more propound than its military, political, and diplomatic dimensions and interpretations. India and Pakistan both must come forward to eradicate the terrorist organizations functional in Kashmir, and continue the bilateral talks. The essay building measures must be initiated meaningfully. In this way, by mutual kashmirr, the political authorities of Essay посетить страницу Pakistan can bring peace to the doomed om.

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What Is Article 370, and Why Does It Matter in Kashmir?

Although the esssay was focused on how to end the war in Afghanistan, Mr. Under Mr. October, — War breaks out between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue.

Trehan, Jyoti. Although the meeting http://kayteas.info/4634-motivational-quotes-for-essay-writing.php focused on how to end the war in Afghanistan, Mr. The Indian government denied making any mediation request and has long insisted on direct negotiations with Pakistan to resolve the dispute. Trump kashmir reporters that Mr. What is likely to happen next? Introduction Kashmir is a mountainous region, which enjoys essay very important geo-political situation. But Mr.

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