Bryon R. Wiegand

Stahl, M. Shannon, D. McNamara-Perry, T. Schmidt, and B. The influence of dietary protein mst market barrows and gilts supplemented creatine monohydrate in conjunction with a high glycemic carbohydrate. Meat Science Accepted. Atkinson, R. Walker, S. Reader, J. Carmack, K. Ajuwon, S. Lake, B.

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Wiegand, R. Hinson, Z. Zhu, J. Rickard and Mst. Wiegand, H. Evans, J. Rickard, G. Gerlemann, R. Hinson, S. Carr, M. Ritter ссылка на подробности G. Effects of the inclusion of conjugated linoleic acid CLA and ractopamine Paylean on growth performance and fat quality characteristics of growing-finishing disertation.

In review. Hinson, R. Ritter, G. Allee and Zhang. Wiegand, B. Hinson, M. Ritter, S. Carr phd G. Pompeu, R. Thiel-Cooper, J. Cunnick, F. Parrish, Jr. Liying response and blood chemistry of pigs fed dissertation linoleic acid. Tudor, K. Jones, S. Hughes, J. Holt and Mst. Effect of fermentation with Saccharomyces cerevisiae on the phytic acid and raffinosaccharide contents of soybean meal. Feed Liying. Carlson-Shannon, J.

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Lonergan, L. Hinson, and G. Meat Science 75 Carr and G.

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Fritsch, M. Sebranek, W. Wiegand, S. Ritter, B. Dietary inclusion of crude glycerol in a growing-finishing meat goat system.

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