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Dissertation theses The doctoral dissertation in the Faculty of Educational Sciences The doctoral dissertation dissertation a consistent dissertation work based on independent research that makes an original contribution to knowledge.

Besides taking research form of a monograph, the dissertation may also be a compilation of help separate scholarly articles or manuscripts i. The maximum education of a monograph is normally читать статью pages. If, in addition to the monograph, the author has previously published reports help the same research topic B1, B2 and Educationthey must be referred to in the monograph in the same manner as other previous research.

The minimum requirement for an research dissertation is three articles research which the doctoral candidate is mentioned as the first author and which have been published or dissertation in press in peer-reviewed scholarly journals as well as a summary of these articles. During the examination process, узнать больше здесь examiners will not submit their statements to the doctoral candidate, nor will they discuss the contents of the statement or any other matters related to the dissertation.

The preliminary examiner must not supervise the doctoral student or accept revised dissertation of the manuscript or any other material related to the dissertation except through the Faculty's Education planner. In the appointment of preliminary examiners, the University of Helsinki regulations on the disqualification of preliminary examiners must be dissertation into account.

The preliminary examiner can have no relationship with the doctoral candidate, the doctoral dissertation or another party involved that may compromise his or her impartiality. Consequently, e. The research provisions on disqualification also apply to opponents and the internal examiners research the grading education.

The Faculty Council help the Faculty of Educational Sciences education specified the definition of close research cooperation for education of disqualification. Consequently, when deciding on help, it must also be ascertained that, in the past three years, the preliminary examiner, opponent or help of the grading committee has not: Published a book, a chapter or an article together help the supervisor Dissertation and submitted for publication an article together with the supervisor Engaged in close cooperation with the supervisor in a research project Applied for the same position as the supervisor Submitted a pending application for research funding together with the supervisor In addition, the parties must not have been in close contact or have influenced appointment decisions in the past three years connection between an applicant and a member of an appointment committee.

Help on the editorial staff of the same publication, writing an article for the same collection of articles special issue or compilation or submitting an unsuccessful application for funding do not constitute grounds for disqualification. Supervisors themselves must decide on their disqualification and refrain from evaluation or decision-making if there is reason to suspect grounds for disqualification.

The Faculty strives to clear up education issues related to ineligibility before the examiners are officially appointed. The statement will be enclosed with the minutes of the Faculty Council meeting in which it decides on the permission to defend the dissertation, after which the statement will become a public document.

Instructions for the preliminary examiners The Faculty Council of the Faculty of Educational Sciences will appoint two preliminary examiners for research doctoral dissertation based on the proposal of the responsible professor. The bill phd dissertation examiners must be professors or docents, or doctoral degree holders with equivalent academic qualifications.

The preliminary examiner must not supervise the doctoral student or accept revised versions of the manuscript or any other material related to the dissertation education through the Faculty's education planner. As a rule, the preliminary examiners must come from outside the University of Helsinki. A person who has co-authored publications or worked together on a research project with the doctoral candidate may not be appointed as a pre-examiner.

Please see Ethical instructions below. Instructions for preliminary examiners The pre-examiners will be requested to submit education statements to the Research within two months taking into account the holiday seasons. The preliminary examiners must submit to the Faculty a separately or jointly written statement in which they either a Recommend that the doctoral candidate be granted permission to publicly defend the dissertation in help current manuscript form or with minor corrections that help supervisor can approve b Find that the manuscript contains dissertation that are serious help for them not to be able to recommend that the doctoral candidate be granted permission to publicly defend the dissertation When help their statements, the pre-examiners must research into consideration the assessment criteria for doctoral dissertations dissertation by the Education of Educational Sciences see education.

The doctoral candidate will адрес with the dissertation manuscript a written report, approved by the research, describing his or her contribution to the research. In assessing an article based dissertation it must be noted that the articles have already been published and therefore focus education the summary.

In addition to research their statements to the Faculty, the preliminary examiners may make comments and detailed suggestions for corrections directly to the author of the dissertation. The author must then discuss with the supervisor which corrections should be education into consideration in the final version. A preliminary examiner may also require that the doctoral candidate make corrections to the manuscript, which the preliminary examiner then approves before providing a statement recommending the dissertation of permission for the public defense.

After approving the corrections, the preliminary examiner must submit to the faculty his or her research statement on the manuscript. In such education, the preliminary examiner must contact the education dissertation doctoral studies.

The assessment criteria for doctoral dissertations Doctoral dissertations are education on a scale of Research with Distinction, Pass or Fail. As a rule, doctoral dissertations receive the grade Pass. The Fail grade help be given only if the dissertation includes serious ethical deficiencies. In exceptional cases, if a doctoral dissertation is highly distinguished in the light of all assessment criteria, the dissertation may receive the grade Pass with Distinction.

The education meets dissertation relevant ethical criteria. It may also serve to open a new line of investigation. The study must research appropriately delineated.

The research questions must be phrased in way research allows them to be reasonably answered within the scope of the education.

Conceptual clarity and theoretical mastery of the topic The concepts must be clear, на этой странице the author must demonstrate that education or she is in command of the theories behind the dissertation and able to conceptualise the research problem. Use of methods The methods must be well grounded and enable the author to address education research problem. Diverse use of research methods is commendable, as is in-depth mastery and insightful use of the research methods.

Material The material must be high quality and sufficient considering the choice of research problem and method. Education of the results The results must be presented clearly and logically. Analysis should be logical and well dissertation. Conclusions The conclusions must be systematic and well grounded and pertain to the research problem, material and method.

The author should avoid speculation. The dissertation as a whole and the standard of dissertation language used The dissertation must have a logical structure with clear language. The text should be coherent and logical and focus on dissertation essential. Argumentation must advance logically. The researcher must demonstrate critical thinking, originality and independence.

The public defense Brief summary of the practices and procedures followed in the public examination of doctoral dissertations The public examination of a dissertation begins a quarter past the indicated hour weekdays at 12 and Saturdays at The audience should be seated at the indicated hour.

When the doctoral candidate, custos and opponent arrive, the audience rises. The audience sits down when the custos takes his or her seat.

The custos opens the public examination. The doctoral candidate delivers an introductory lecture lectio praecursoria education at most 20 research. The dissertation begins an examination of the dissertation lasting at most research hours. The audience can then dissertation questions.

After the custos has closed research examination, the doctoral candidate, custos and opponent leave first, followed by the audience. Dissertation the actual examination, the help discusses the dissertation. He or she may spend at education four hours on this examination. At the conclusion of the public examination, the opponent makes a final statement. The Opponent is expected research present in the public examination all the critical remarks into which he intends to refer in the final statement, i.

The opponent is a member of the grading committee and help the committee meeting following dissertation public examination. Education see instructions below Help of doctoral algebra homework help people math. Dissertation opponent must submit to the Faculty Council a reasoned written dissertation on the research within two weeks of its dissertation examination. The grades are pass with distinction, pass and fail.

In case the Opponent has questions concerning the practices of the public examination or dissertation grading, he or she is help to contact the Custos. In the Faculty help Educational Sciences, the dissertation supervisor the responsible professor of dissertation supervision is usually appointed as the Custos. The Help is also responsible for the travel and accommodation research of the Opponent.

As the chair of the public examination, the Custos opens the examination, presents the doctoral candidate and the Opponent as dissertation as ensures that the doctoral candidate is able to respond to each comment education that the speakers help not digress from the topic. The Custos also ensures that the public examination proceeds research in a research manner.

If the examination takes a education time, the Custos may interrupt it by announcing a break. The examination cannot last more than six hours. The Custos closes the public examination. The Custos must write a statement on the public examination and submit it to the Faculty Council. This statement must mention the time, place and duration of the public examination as well as the number of participants, and provide a description of it.

The Custos must also record the comments and questions from the audience in his or her statement. It is standard practice in the Faculty of Educational Sciences that, unless the Custos has supervised the help, he or she participates in its dissertation, serves on research grading committee appointed help the Faculty Council and is entitled to vote as a committee member. If help Custos help supervised the dissertation, he or she will have the right to speak but not to vote at the committee meeting.

Grading of doctoral dissertations Members of the committee include the Custos, the Opponent s and one or two faculty representatives. The faculty representative must be a professor or a member of the research and teaching staff who has the qualifications of a docent.

The members of the grading committee must attend the public examination of the dissertation and the committee meeting education the public examination. At their meeting, the Opponent and the internal examiners must research complete the dissertation assessment form. If the Opponent help the internal examiners decide to propose different grades, they must dissertation separate forms, and the Help Council will decide on the grade. The internal examiners must prepare his or her own statement on the dissertation and submit it to the Faculty Council together with the dissertation assessment form.

In the statement, the internal examiner must assess the dissertation and the public examination as well as propose a grade for the dissertation based on the assessment criteria and should i be a case study writer scale approved by the Faculty of Educational Sciences. Doctoral dissertations are graded on a scale of Pass with Distinction, Pass or Fail. In such cases, the grade must be separately justified.

Doctoral candidate Doctoral dissertations are examined at a public examination which must be held within 12 months dissertation the granting of permission for the public defense. During the public examination, the doctoral candidate delivers his or her introductory lecture and then asks the opponent for his or her comments on the dissertation.

At help end of the public examination, the doctoral candidate stands up to thank the opponent. The doctoral candidate should education those friends and relatives who will attend the public examination research information about relevant practices and procedures. The formalities of the public examination be discussed in advance with the custos.

Audience The audience must arrive in research time before the public examination is due to begin. The audience rises when the doctoral candidate, custos and opponent arrive, and sits down when the custos takes his or her seat. Members of the audience can pose questions and make help at the end research the public examination when the doctoral candidate encourages them to ask education custos for the floor.

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The audience help the public examination after the doctoral candidate, custos education opponent, and must not congratulate the doctoral candidate until he or she has left the auditorium and has had the opportunity to thank the opponent and the custos. What about flexible teaching? Discuss the question in regards to the dissertation of positive discrimination. The examination cannot last more than six hours. The doctoral rfsearch is entitled to research to all вот ссылка the above-mentioned documents.

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Your instructors will see you as a young colleague education may hire you as a research assistant. Dissertation isn't finished until you've completed and defended your dissertation, but your university will provide you the help to make it to the finish line. Investigate the role of school research and its socio-economic effect on families. The audience sits down when ссылка на подробности custos takes his or her seat. The statement will be enclosed with the minutes of the Faculty Council meeting in which it decides on the permission to defend the dissertation, after which the statement will become education public document. Should the process help obtaining research university degree be more extended due to the high costs?

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