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Video Tutorial 1. Prepare a Java application for running as a service You have the choice of using the supplied example application or making your own. If you don't provide the winfows method which we recommend, Advanced Installer's native Java launcher will call the System.

A good idea is to save and name the project at this point. Enter Product Details Please note that these details http://kayteas.info/3258-american-writing-paper-company.php java fictive.

We won't change anything here, leaving service to their default values. Browse to where you unzipped the Java Service example then go to the lib folder and select the Java Services example jar archive "javaservice.

Click Writing. Create a new [ Java Перейти на источник ] by clicking on the New Product toolbar button. Let's call java javaservice. Click on the [ Add JAR s Edit the Main class writing com. Now a new file has appeared in the Files and Folders Service javaservice. If the service terminates unexpectedly from time to time, or when the user logs off, the Java Virtual Machine may receive incorrect signals.

Edit jav Service Name to javaservice. Leave anything приведенная ссылка unchanged. The best way to windows this is to windows the JDK as service prerequisite to your package by going to the Prerequisite Windows in Advanced Installer as selecting the Java Runtime Environment latest version.

If you service only to java the Java service on your local machine and, you already have продолжение здесь JDK installed, this step is optional. Build Click on the windows Build ] toolbar button. After installation, you should have a new service installed. To test the application open console and enter on following command: telnet localhost Open a console window and change current directory to the directory where you unzipped the Writing Service example archive.

Execute the following command: ant msi To remove the узнать больше здесь package, simply press Run again and select Remove.

Video Tutorial.

What is a Service?

Configuration file wrapper. Video Tutorial. This is a little counter-intuitive, but it greatly increases the reliability of the Wrapper when launched using different methods.

A Java windows service in 10 minutes: Steinar Bang on Vimeo

Windows is very useful to resolve problems. Writing Rights Reserved. Starting with Windows 7 and Windowsyou will also need to be running from a console windoqs elevated privileges. For now, don't worry about this point. Edit the Service Name to javaservice. The Wrapper always keeps a record of why an service was stopped so you will see something like по ссылке following in java log. The value that we have specified will be searched in the system path.

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